Entering Recipes from a Recipe Box

You can enter recipes in any order you want, and rearrange them at any point. There are a couple ways to enter recipes.

Option 1) Create a Recipe Page

The designer tour will walk you through this one when you first start up (hint: you can always load the tour from the help menu). Just navigate to the part of the book where you want to insert the recipe page, and choose the blue plus icon. A popover will appear asking if you want to insert the new page before or after this page.


Option 2) Enter a Recipe Directly into your Electronic Recipe Box

As you get going, you may find it more convenient to just power through a whole pile of recipes at once without worrying about where they are going to appear in your book. It's completely up to you whether you build the pages as you go, or if you save that until later.

To simply add recipes to your account, just open your "Recipe Box" on the top menu bar. Click the "Add Recipes" button and select "I'll type it".


At any point you can see which recipes have already been added to your book by looking at the "In Book" column. To add recipes to your book, select the checkbox next to your recipe, go to "Batch Actions" and choose, "Add to Book"


Option 3) Invite Friends to Contribute Recipes

You can easily invite friends and family to help with your cookbook. Click on "contributors" in the toolbar at the top of the page to send an email or share a link. Recipes entered by contributors will appear in your recipe box so you can insert them in your cookbook. You can learn more here


Here's a quick YouTube tutorial on using your Recipe Box:

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    Stacie Hoskins

    If you had a drop down menu of categories: appetizers, dinner, etc & it would automatically keep those recipes together - that would make it A LOT easier! And ensure I don't accidently forget to move one. And make the categories editable!

  • Avatar

    All of the section dividers can be edited with any name you want. You don't even have to use categories like "appetizers, dinner, etc" Some people actually use family members. Others use specific base ingredients. It's up to you really. You can always rearrange a book at any time, and move recipes under different sections.

  • Avatar

    We heard you loud and clear Stacie. Check out the new designer!

  • Avatar
    Terri Baker

    Hi. Would be great if you could scan recipes. Much easier than typing them all in.

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    We now have a service for this! It's called WeTypeIt. Just upload scans of your recipes (you can use your smart phone if you like), and we'll do all the typing.


    What many of our customers do is scan their recipes and add them as photo pages. It's a great way to preserve the handwritten character of the recipe. Others transcribe them, and include the scan as well for the "best of both worlds".

    Edited by Katie
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    Norma Gunnels

    I’ll type it. Recipes.

  • Avatar
    maureen graham

    Please could we have a few more interesting cover designs?

  • Avatar
    Kelly Ford

    If we use the you type it service do you type it how it is written or list the ingredients and then how to cook it? My mother listed the ingredients in the recipe and I want them separated into a list.

  • Avatar
    Jana Hoppe

    Can we add a picture of our own to the cover of the book?
    Is there an additional cost for the “We type it” feature?
    How long does it take for the finished and purchased book to arrive?
    My inherited recipes are on 3x5 cards front and back. Is that’s problem if I want to take pictures to preserve the handwriting?
    Can I work on my project book from my phone and my desktop at the same time?

  • Avatar

    So sorry we didn't respond sooner. We had a slight glitch in our notifications system. ALL FIXED NOW 🤗

    With WeTypeIt, we will separate your ingredients and step for you! https://createmycookbook.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010316748-How-To-Use-WeTypeIt

    Yes, with your cover you can use your own picture from both your phone and desktop. :)

  • Avatar
    Gaye Ragland

    Can I speak directly to someone to help me with questions? If so, please give the number. Just do not want to start this is nobody is available on phone to help.