Alphabetizing Recipe Pages with Auto-Arrange

You can place all of your recipes in alphabetical order using our Auto-Arrange function. Click "Arrange Pages" in the blue toolbar at the of the page in the designer, then click "Auto-Arrange". If you don't see any warnings, click the auto-arrange button to alphabetize your pages:


Matching Categories and Section Dividers

To use Auto-Arrange, you'll need to make sure that all of your recipes are labeled with a category, and that each category has a corresponding section divider in your cookbook. You'll see a warning if divider pages need to be added, or recipes haven't been categorized.  

The section divider titles must be exact- "Salad" and "salads" will read as two different categories. You can always update or add a category on several recipes at once in your Recipe Box. See Option 3 in our article on Organizing Your Recipes for more details. 


Two Recipe Pages and Other Page Types

Pages with two recipes will be alphabetized by the title of the first recipe on the page. The recipes won't be split or moved to other pages. 

Other pages in your book will not be moved in your book. To change the placement of a photo page or any other page type, just click and drag in the Arrange Pages window. 


Additionally, here's a quick YouTube tutorial on arranging pages in your cookbook:

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