How can I add old (non-digital) photos, handwritten recipes, and recipe cards to my book?

So many of our customers have preserved their treasured recipes and pre-digital age camera photos by adding them to books.

You can use a scanner to scan handwritten recipes and old photographs. Then you can upload those recipes and photos as JPEGs and insert them as photo pages or add them to covers, section dividers, story pages, and recipe pages.

To scan in handwritten recipes, you'll need to use a third party program. When scanning in the recipes, make sure that your pictures are being imported at a resolution of 300 dpi and as JPEG format files (.jpg file extension). 

Collages of recipe cards have been effective and have been used by a few of our customers. A collage or group of photos can be created in a third party photo editing program and then uploaded to your photo gallery. 

To have your non-digital recipes typed and added to your recipe box for you, see our article about our WeTypeIt feature. 

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    Royce Scott

    how is it up loaded to the book

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    To add the actual photo to the book simply add the photo as a photo page, or add it to the recipe page as you would any other photo. If you are using WeTypeIt, the typed recipe will appear in your recipe box once transcription is complete.