Multiple or Continued Pages for a Long Recipe

Longer recipes with multiple steps may require several pages to display all their contents. Our "Continued Recipe Page" will allow you to utilize any numbered step layout and continue it across multiple pages at the click of a button!


Here's how it works:

You add a recipe to your cookbook that utilizes any of our "Numbered Step" layout options highlighted below in pink. (The Continued Recipe Page is highlighted in orange.)


If your recipe is overflowing the page, you'll receive a warning that instructs you to "Add Continued Recipe Page."


Next, you'll click Save at the top right-hand corner of the design window.


This will then add the Continued Recipe Page to your cookbook and will allow the steps to flow onto that page. If your recipe is really long, you may need multiple Continued Recipe Pages.


Please be aware that these pages MUST remain together. If you separate them with another recipe, it will cause the continuation to fail. The only pages that can land between the base recipe page and the continued recipe page is a story page or a photo page.

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