Can my friend edit my book for me?

There currently isn't a way in the designer to have more than one user edit the same cookbook. Only the original owner can log in to edit a cookbook.

If you want your friend, co-worker, or co-creator to look at your design so far and do some proofreading, you can generate a print-ready proof PDF. You can print the proofs at home or share via email. These files are not to be reproduced, and there will be a watermark on the pages. Once you finish your edits be sure to regenerate print-ready files.

To generate your proofs, click "preview and order" in the blue toolbar at the top of the page. Select the binding style you prefer, and then generate your files. You can then share these PDF files with whomever you'd like to edit your book.

You can always edit your book as much as you like even after you review your files. When you're ready to order after making your edits, generate files one last time and click "approve and publish" to send to your store page.

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    susan yacopetti

    Yes this was really helpful. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but i'm in Australia in a lockdown and cant get to my sisters home 50 k away.
    This is for my nephews as a wedding gift how many days/weeks does it take to print and deliver? We are in Australia and would like to see a copy before we get one sent to him in New York and the rest of the family here, so we are looking at times?
    Regards Sue

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    Hi Susan! You can see our production and shipping estimates here: Thank you!