How do photos affect my pricing?

Cookbooks with 50 pages or less alway fall under our Standard Pricing which means it doesn't matter if you have 48 color pages and 2 black and white pages or 25 color pages and 25 black and white pages; your price will still be the same. I'll illustrate this with our Soft Cover Wire-O book.


(Please note: this does not include the cost of any add-ons such as eCookbook access, premium paper, logo removal, or a premium theme.)

Once you go over the initial 50 pages, your price will increase strictly based on the number of black and white pages and color pages in your book. The only true way to calculate exactly how those numbers will affect your pricing will be to use the pricing calculator. I'll again illustrate this using our SoftCover Perfectbound book.


Keep in mind the maximum number of pages that each binding style can accommodate. All of the pages within the contents count toward the page count. There are layout options available that allow you add two recipes to a page along with photos to recipe pages. This could help keep your page count down.

You can also watch this quick tutorial on how to use our pricing calculator:

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    Susan Donoghue

    The text on this page says that standard pricing is in effect at 50 pages or less. The video says 100 pages or less. Which is it?