"Procrastination No More" Training

8 lessons on planning, creating, and marketing your cookbook.


Lesson 1: Planning your Cookbook

  • How to write a cookbook proposal.
  • Researching other cookbooks.
  • What makes you unique?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How to use WeTypeIt.

Lesson 2: Building your Audience & Marketing your cookbook

  • Build your audience (using existing & building new channels).
  • What are your best channels?
  • Where can you sell using CreateMyCookbook?
  • Tips for pre-selling.

Lesson 3: Voice & Tone: What is your story?

  • Giving your cookbook a voice and tone.
  • Different ways to incorporate stories into your cookbook.
  • Tips for giving your cookbook a title.
  • Fun ways to title your chapters.
  • How to enter story pages, about the author and dedication.

Lesson 4: Design Work: Part 1 - It is all about that cover!

  • Tips for creating a cover that sells.
  • Demo: Tips for designing section dividers.

Lesson 5: Design Work: Part 2 - Photography

  • Pros & Cons of Hiring a Professional.
  • Tips for DIY photography.

Lesson 6: Ordering your proof

  • How to review and order a proof.

Lesson 7: Setting up your store page

  • How to set up your store page.
  • Tracking your sales and getting paid.

Lesson 8: Opening up shop: Kick off party!

  • Tips for having a kickoff party and creating buzz.
  • Partnering with local shops, restaurants & libraries.
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