How do I remove the page numbers?

If you are ordering a binder style (the one where you can add pages) you might want to disable page numbers. Page numbers are great, but they can make adding additional pages over time quite messy.

To remove page numbers simply head to any recipe page. Then open the "Edit page" dialog (blue pencil) and head to the "Design" tab. Then select "Page Numbers" from the "Set Styling for" dropdown. An option will appear to "Hide the Page Numbers". Checking it will hide the page numbers.


Make sure that you have the "Edit Styling for" set to "All Pages" AND that you repeat these steps for any page that has it's styling set to "This Page Only". 

As always, make absolute absolute sure that you check your print ready pdf files (digital proofs) for each binding style you are ordering and verify that you don't see any page numbers in these files.


Here's a quick YouTube tutorial on removing page numbers:

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