Can CreateMyCookbook organize my recipes for me?

As you input your recipes, there is the option to assign them a category. If you have done this already, then you are ahead of the game.

Enter the designer for your book and click on your Recipe Box. You can select all of your recipes at once by clicking on the box next to Recipe, or select recipes individually. With your recipes selected, click on the Batch Actions button. "Assign Category" allows you to categorize several recipes at once. 

Select the Add to Book option to create pages. A dialog box will appear with the first step being to select a layout for your recipes. A different layout can be chosen for each page later if you decide to change that. After the layout step, you'll select your placement. Choose the "In the appropriate "sections" creating section dividers if necessary" option. This will place your recipes based on their categories. 


Want all of your recipes in alphabetical order in each section? We can do that! Click on "Arrange Pages" in the blue toolbar and click the "Auto-Arrange" option. As long as each recipe is labeled with a category and you have a divider for each category, the pages will be automatically placed in the correct order. 

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