Can others order my book?

At CreateMyCookbook, we give you the opportunity to share your book with others so that they can order their own copies. Don't worry, book is not public unless you choose to share it, so only people that you share with can order your book.  

The first method of sharing your book is by using a reorder code. The reorder code is printed on the last page of your cookbook. You can provide your reorder code and the link below to let others order your book.

You can also share the link to your "store page" via email, Facebook or Pinterest. Under the picture of your cookbook on your store page you can "click here" to send an email, click the blue button to post on Facebook and the red button to create a pin on Pinterest.

Want to order someone else's book? Just contact them for the Reorder Code or Share link to access a checkout page so you can order their book. 


Here's a quick YouTube tutorial on placing a reorder:

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    Diane Anderseck

    Am I made aware when someone orders my book using the reorder code I provide? And how long is my book available in your company to be reordered?