Importing Recipes from TasteBook

Unfortunately,TasteBook will stop producing custom cookbooks as of January 31. Customers have until then to export their personal recipes. CreateMyCookbook wants to help TasteBook customers continue to create their custom cookbooks. We have developed a tool that can import recipes exported from TasteBook. 

Steps to import your personal recipes from TasteBook™

  1. Click here to signup for a free CreateMyCookbook account.
  2. Contact Us and attach your exported recipe file from Tastebook™. Make sure you send us the original .html file you exported and not a printed version or copy and pasted version.
  3. We will work with you to import your recipes, and contact you once they are ready. You will then be able to use them in any cookbook at CreateMyCookbook.

Please be sure to send us the .html file. We are seeing a lot of .css and .webarchive files coming in. The .css and .webarchive files will not import so please try to obtain the .html file.

Please do not edit your file your file in any way- just send us the original. It must have the .html extension. 

Let us know if you have any other questions, and we will be happy to help. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer recipe images as they are not included in TasteBook's export.


*If you have recipes in other file types, please reach out to our support team with files attached and we may be able to help with importing them for you!


*Promotion Restrictions Apply. Contact us for details.

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    Jennifer Satalino

    Thank you for taking care of us.

    I need to download the pictures from Tastebook individually. (We put pictures of family members instead of the recipes, and we want to keep them.) How will I be able to add those to the recipes once you've imported them from the HTML file?

    Thanks again for riding to my rescue. This came out of the blue at the worst possible time. I love how proactive you are!

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    After your recipes are imported, they are available to use in any book. At that point you can bulk upload your photos into your photo library, and drag them onto your recipe pages, or as full photo pages.