Why can't I edit my Table of Contents page?

The text on the Table of Contents page cannot be edited. It is automatically generated as you go so you can focus on other aspects of your book. The designer generates your Table of Contents using the titles from your recipe pages, section dividers, and story pages.

You can edit the font used for the title of your Table of Contents page by clicking the edit button (pencil icon) next to the page and clicking on the "Design" tab. On the "Layout" tab you can choose between one column or two. 

It is important that you carefully review your table of contents page(s) in your print-ready proofs to make sure that there aren't any errors. If you see an issue, let our support team know which recipe is having the issue and they'll look into it.

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    Twila Elliott

    I generated a table of Contents page but then added many more recipes. The page does not update to show the additional recipes. What shall I do? Also, I tried adding a new TOC page, thinking that might work. Unfortunately, it just duplicated the same page, so now I have two of the same page! Help!

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    @Twila - Happy to help! This can be caused by choosing two different table of contents page layouts (one single column and one double column). Check out our Table of Contents tutorial here for more help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlFlKhoPX3g.

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    Lisa Inczauskis

    Why can't I make the font bigger on the table of content so its easier for me to read?