Importing Recipes from Electronic Sources

When you first start out, you may have a considerable number of your recipes that you have already gathered in some other electronic formation. It might be Microsoft Word, a text file, a recipe management program, or some other desktop publishing application.


We have designed the cookbook designer to make it as easy as possible to transfer your recipes into the designer with minimal retyping required.

With ImportMyRecipes, you can now seamlessly extract recipes from your Microsoft Word documents, plain text files, and PDFs, and store them directly in your Recipe Box. This feature aims to streamline the process of building your cookbook by saving you time and effort in manually inputting each recipe.

Learn more here 


Another option to getting these recipes added to your recipe box would be manually copying & pasting the recipes into your account.

One trick is to take advantage of the automatic formatting of recipes by recognizing each direction step on it's own line, and each ingredient on it's own line. That might sound, kind of confusing, so let's take a look at an example below.

Consider the recipe sitting in a word document like that on the left. Watch the animation to see how copy-and-pasting the content into the designer's recipe form automatically parses and formats recipe for your cookbook.






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  • Avatar
    Mia Leeuw

    I just discovered that the Tastebook website, with all of my favorite recipes, has closed.
    I was collecting photos for the final product and am CRUSHED that all of my previous work is lost.
    IS THERE ANY WAY that the recipes can be retrieved??????
    (I don't kow WHY I wasn't notified by email that the site was closing?)
    PLEASE help me find a way to get the recipes so I can make this promised cookbook for my children.

  • Avatar
    Tara Hittinger

    did you get a response for this?

  • Avatar

    We have a method for importing recipes from the final export from Tastebook, but it does require that you exported that before the deadline. We can't retrieve recipes directly from Tastebook unfortunately (we've asked).

  • Avatar
    Pat East

    My recipes I saved on Facebook and Pinterest can I copy them

  • Avatar
    Dannell Lee

    Is there a way to upload a recipe file into this program? Or, is the only way to copy and paste each recipe individually?

  • Avatar

    Hi Dannell, yes, we're copy and paste friendly! If you would prefer not to do it that way, you can save your recipe files as .jpg or .png images and upload them to WeTypeIt (our typing service). You can learn more here:

  • Avatar
    Ellie Chiampa

    I already have about 300 recipes typed out in a word document. How can I upload it?

  • Avatar

    Hi Ellie, you can copy and paste your recipes into the Recipe Box if you'd like, or you can submit screenshots of your recipes into WeTypeIt for transcription.

  • Avatar
    Jane Wilkinson-Bunch

    How do I import my recipes from Facebook into your program to design my cookbook?

  • Avatar

    Hi Jane, you can either save your recipes as .jpg or .png files and upload them to your book (as photo pages), or you can copy/paste them into your recipe box and then add the pages to your book.