Can I use an existing book design?

Putting a book together can take a lot of time and so an easy way to personalize multiple books based on the same basic design is to use the duplicate book option. 

On your "My Cookbooks" page you will see that each one of your books has an icon for duplicating a book. When you click on this icon, you will be taken to a page where you will name your new book, enter book details and confirm the title you're copying. Once you've named your new book, make sure that the pulldown option has your correct book title that you want to duplicate in it and click on the Create Book option.

Your new book will be identical to the original book's design in every way. Depending on what needs to change, make sure to check the cover, dedication page, and title page among other things depending on what changes you need to make.  

Please note: Any changes made to recipes in a cloned book will be reflected in any/all other cookbooks in the account containing said recipe.

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