How do I review my print ready files?

Reviewing your print ready files is an important part of the process. Your print-ready files show you your book as it will be published. This is the time to catch issues pertaining to spelling, grammar, photo quality, etc.

In order to create your print ready files, you need to go through the Preview and Order process. Click on "Preview and Order" in the blue toolbar at the top of the page. Select any binding styles you might want to purchase, and select the paper upgrade and eCookbook add-ons if would like them.

The next step is to generate your digital proofs. Separate PDF files are generated for the cover and contents of each binding style you selected. This is your opportunity to find any errors in your book that need to be corrected. Keep in mind that each binding style has slightly different dimensions, so contents and photos may fit differently. Make sure to review all your files. 

Warnings will be generated if photo resolution is low or contents seem to be overflowing the page. Review those warnings and pages carefully to see if they need to be edited. 


If you find errors in the book or decide to make changes, click the cancel button and make your edits. You can generate print-ready files as many times as you want. 

Once you are happy with your proofs, click the "approve and publish" button to send them to your bookstore page and place your order.



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    Diane Anderseck

    Once I go thru the process and approve the proofs, can I purchase 1 book to make sure I like it; then if satisfied purchase more?