How long do I have to complete my cookbook?

Take as long as you need. If you like, you can order a cookbook, come back, mix it up, and order a new copy. We keep your recipes, photos, and books on file.

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    Patricia Kilgore

    I am going to work on this and finish within the next couple of months. I am having surgery next week and will be recovering for a couple of weeks and the person I have helping me with pictures, etc.. had eye surgery and needs a week or two, as well. Soooo it will be a couple more weeks until you see any activity, but don't think I am not going to finish. Too much work done on this to quit. I just wanted you to know my situation. Thanks,

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    Joyce Rossi

    This is great news. Years ago I had come close to being finished, but as life goes I left it for about a year. When I went back to it, the company wasn’t there. No trace of anything! Lost it all. This really makes me feel better!!!!!