Are the pages printed on the front and back?

Yes. One sheet of paper has two pages. Therefore, a 100 page book will hold up to 100 recipes and contain 50 sheets of paper with a layout that places 1 recipes per page.

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    kathy Helmke

    How can i make sure the pages print same category recipes on both sides? Making additional pages for a binder; I want to be sure the back side of a certain category doesn't have a different category on it. Looking at the page view - some appear to be different categories on a page. Do I need to insert blank pages in there to separate?

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    Hi Kathy! You can add blank pages to section dividers.
    To add blank pages to your book, you can add a Story Page and save the page without filling in the fields. Click the orange plus sign button to add a new page, and select "story page" as the page type. If you want to give the page a title, like "additional recipes", use the regular story page layout and add the title on the "text" tab. If you want the page to be completely blank, use the "story continued" layout. :)

    For more information on binders read here: