Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Photos onto Cookbook Covers and Pages

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature that enhances your cookbook designing experience. With this latest update, you can now effortlessly drag and drop photos or copy and paste them directly onto your cookbook pages. This convenient functionality simplifies the process of adding images, allowing you to personalize your cookbook with ease.


Click here to view tutorial video 


Using Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste: To utilize this feature, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1.) Open your cookbook project in our program.

2.)Navigate to the page where you want to add a photo.

3.)Locate the image you wish to include in your cookbook. This could be a photo stored on your computer or any other image accessible to you.

Drag and Drop Method:

  • Click and hold the image you want to add.
  • While holding the image, drag it to the desired location on the cookbook page.
  • Release the mouse button to drop the photo onto the page. The image will automatically be placed in the photo box.

Alternatively, you can use the Copy and Paste Method from your clipboard:

5.) Resize and adjust the photo as needed. Most photos can be resized by clicking and dragging their corners or edges.


Note: Chrome and Photo DPI: It is important to note that the browser you use may affect the resolution (DPI) of the photos you add to your cookbook. In particular, Google Chrome may sometimes reduce the DPI of images when copying and pasting or dragging and dropping them into our program.

To ensure the best image quality, we recommend using Safari as your browser when working with this drag and drop or copy and paste feature. Safari generally preserves the original DPI of images, resulting in sharper and more vibrant visuals in your cookbook.


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    Janis Coppock

    I need to know how to add more than one photo to a recipe page. I don't see any option to do so