How much does my cookbook cost?

For personal cookbook styles, you can find pricing information and a guide to our binding styles on our pricing page. You can generate a price estimate for your project by entering the number of black & white and color pages and the book quantity. 


Prices for personal styles with less than 50 pages are set by binding style. Books with more than 50 pages will be priced based on the number of black & white and color pages as well as the binding style. Orders of 20 books or more qualify for a quantity discount. 


Here is a quick video tutorial on using the Pricing Calculator:


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    Myra Zeringue

    I'm trying to order my cookbook but cant figure it out

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    Catherine Burgess

    I see that the order number of books for 5 is not listed under shipping costs. Also, I would like to order two different styles in the order, hardcover spiral, and softcover spiral. I am leaving the further orders of people to make their own purchases. I need to know also if I will have to adjust the cover design for it to be centered for each style before I order them. Is it easier to order 3 and 2 respectively under separate cover?

    Thank you. I am under a time crunch to have my books arrive before the end of January 2020 and I need to guestimate the shipping costs and method for a timely arrival.

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    Roderick Summers

    I need to know how you distribute E-books to me when I order them in order to sell on my web site. And is it a unlimited file or a file that has how many books e-books I order.

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    Hi Roderick, you will receive a list of codes that you can distribute to your buyers. Each buyer will need an individual code.